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Know about Sonal...


A talkative little girl from India grew into a  lady with her own principles and ideology. Today, I am a mum of a lovely little girl, wife of a loving husband and an individual full of creativity, emotions and with an urge for sharing my thoughts on various topics from life. Professionally I am a scientist with Ph.D. in Medical Science and have worked in the women's health field. Though I am an amateur writer, I find it relaxing to write down what I have to share with the world. Owning to my ideology about life, I have something different, simple, intense and relatable to share with you.

While growing up in a middle class family in India, I was raised by liberal parents. My thoughts and opinions were heard and when apt were taken on board. This surely suited my aquarian character and needs and I grew into a strong lady who have opinions that most of the times do not entirely match with the old ideologies. This creates a chain of thoughts in my mind on how the situation and human behaviour can be different yet respectable and appropriate. Having so much in my mind I had to channelize this into something positive and what could be better than connecting with you through my Thought Box. You are very welcome here to read my blogs and posts. You will find me writing on various topics like Real Life Incidence, Experience, Travel, Health & Science, Family, Food and Arts.

At last, I hope you will find my posts interesting and keep visiting me here!

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